Sunday, December 23, 2012


Have you been as busy as me this past week?  I’m pretty sure we have all been busy.  I do hope you were able to add some fun to your busy schedule.  It’s important to get a bit of balance in, especially at this time of year.

My first prompt this week is “On the Floor”.  I know you’ve seen this quilt; but Gracie just loves to sit on quilts. 

 This little flower arrangement on my table “Makes Me Feel Merry”.

“Something beginning with S” is this snowman quilt.  It was from a block exchange within my friendship group.  I can’t remember when we exchanged the blocks, at least eight years ago.  There were no rules; just to do any snowman block, in any style, and any size you wanted.  It was up to us to pull the blocks together for a quilt. 

We have been having some cold “Weather”.  At least it is cold for us. After all this is California, Southern California at that.  Our houses just are not built for the cold.  Even my dogs don’t want to get out of bed in the mornings.

I found these cute little “Trees” in my local quilt store.  Just look at that cute Lil' Twister pillow.

There are “Decorations” everywhere right now.  I love spending time driving around and looking at them in the daytime and again at night when they are all ablaze in lights.  I especially liked these snowmen peeping through the sunlight with the palm trees in the background.

One of the best things about this season is spending time with one another.  And the last prompt of the week is:  “Joy is Spending Time with Friends”.

 Quilt happy,


Karen said...

When I read these Sunday Snaps posts, I try to envision what I would choose for your topics. You always come up with interesting photos.
I chuckled when I saw the snowmen with palm trees, and your temperature. That's considered balmy around here! :) Merry Christmas, Marilyn; I hope you and Gracie have a wonderful holiday.

hetty said...

Love your Sunday Snaps! The snowman quilt is gorgeous. I love how you have put all those blocks together. Cute Southern California snowmen amid the palm trees. I'll bet they like the cool temperatures. It is freezing here. We have a bit of snow that is not melting. Merry Christmas to you and your furry family.

Karen Mallory said...

Great piccies Marilyn! Love them all. That snowman quilt is adorable! It is cold!!!! At least up here we have more cold weather compatible houses!
Merry Christmas!
hugs Karen