Sunday, May 26, 2013


My friend, Pam, over at Versana, sent me this gorgeous bag.  And, I did nothing to deserve it.  But, I love it; and, I'm keeping it. 

Thank you Pam.  You are a special lady for sure.
Speaking of special, did you get your Memorial Day Poppy yet?

I remember the veterans coming door to door with poppies when I was a child.  I got this poppy from a veteran when I went to the grocery store today.  Made me smile.

Quilt happy,



Diana said...

Great Bag for a great lady, how clever is Pam with the quilting, well done Pam.

Unknown said...

Nice bag!

I haven't seen anyone with the poppies this year. We did have a wonderful celebration at our clubhouse last night, and at church today.

Cloth Doll Lover said...

Love it Marilyn, great job Pam...what a lovely surprise for a lovely lady.

Khristina aka Khris said...

Pam is such a special person isn't she....truly thoughtful and generous....way to go rock!!

Karen Mallory said...

Pam did a wonderful job on he bag for you. I bet it is for organizing all our houses and stuff for the swap! You always do things to deserve something!!! I didn't go to the store today. Maybe tomorrow I will get a poppy. I have a whole collection in my car!
hugs Karen

Ee Kaa said...

That is a beautiful bag. You're a very lucky receiver. And yes, Pam is totally awesome!

hetty said...

Wow! Nice bag! We wear poppies on Remembrance Day - November 11th.

creativedawn said...

Happy Memorial Day! I love the poppy! No, didn't get one as I've been inside stuck to the machine trying to get this "I don't want to be a prom gown" crepe backed satin gown finished!!! Oy!
Oh, you are so very special!!! I am very happy you like the bag! It is a favorite of mine and I thought you might be happy with it!
Marilyn, you do so much for others ... you inspire this "other" to keep on sewing, quilting, creating and such. Whenever I blog, you ALWAYS leave a comment and it good to know that someone cares and cares enough to let a body know she cares! You deserve so much more...this handbag is a small token of my appreciation of you being my friend! Very, very happy you like it!!!!
One day soooon!!!

creativedawn said...

Thanks ladies!

Frances Moore said...

Well aren't you a lucky ducky.It is a beautiful bag...for a beautiful person.