Tuesday, June 11, 2013


My friends with Yahoo Group, C-R-A-F-T,  planned a 6.5" House Block Swap.  Seems like it has been going on forever.  Khristina from Sew Prim Khris collected them for her part of the world, and I collected  for this part.  One house builder from Spain sent to me.  Yesterday the last of them arrived.  That meant it was time to get organized.  So after sorting them into piles

they were packaged

and off they went in my very cute Cracker Barrel mail bag (thank you Robin).

Be looking for them in your mail boxes sometime soon.  Well, for Spain and Australia it may be a bit longer.

Now to start making that quilt.

Quilt happy,



Pat from Florida said...

Cute houses!

hetty said...

Those houses are very cute!

beth said...

Love the houses!

Diana said...

Bet the girls will be waiting for the post man everyday now.

Karen Mallory said...

I can't wait!!!!! Maybe I will be the first to get them!!
hugs Karen

Barb said...

What a fun swap...lots of work on your part but well worth it!

Needled Mom said...

How fun! I can't wait to see some home construction going on there!

creativedawn said...

What fun! Thanks Marilyn for all your hard work. Lol, you are so F A S T ! Well, I can hardly wait to get my hands on them!!!

creativedawn said...

Whooohoooooo! My houses have arrived! ! ! A few minutes after reading this post I sent ds out to the mailbox and what did he come back with?
H O U S E S ! ! ! Thanks again Marilyn
hugzzz ((((((((((((Marilyn)))))))))))))))
already blogged about it!