Friday, November 22, 2013


It is slowly coming together.  Here it is so far.


I'm not sure how far it will get until after Thanksgiving.  My grands get all of next week off.  And, I will be holding knitting lessons.  Yes, it is a special request.  They want headbands and scarves.  They have discovered how to "Send" me pins on Pinterest.  Subtle hints??

Have a great weekend and

Quilt happy,



Jan said...

Sounds as if you're having a wonderful time. Love the quilt progress.

hetty said...

The emerald quilt looks fantastic! I love those greens! Every child should be taught how to knit. That's my opinion, anyway. Glad you are taking the time. I'm afraid knitting will become a thing of the past otherwise.

Karen Mallory said...

The blocks are taking shape and looking great! I like how the girls can even touch bases with you on pinterest!
hugs Karen

Grit said...

Wonderful Progress in your quilt. Looks really fantastic.
Grit from Germany