Monday, December 2, 2013


I was working on Emerald and made an error; significant enough to make me decide to put it away for a couple of days.  I will like it better then.
So, I decided to make a nice and easy distraction project.  I brought my travel machine with me and it has been sitting out looking a bit naked.

I have seen this very cute cover on Pinterest and even facebook.  It uses a charm pack and most of us have plenty of those laying around.  I had a basicgrey/origins for Moda charm pack.   The tutorial calls for only 24 charms and solid for the sides.  But, my charm pack had enough to go ahead and make the sides out of some additional charms.

Turned out cute don't you think?  Now I can get back to that Emerald quilt.

Have a good week and

Quilt happy



Karen Mallory said...

It is cute Marilyn! Hope the Emerald quilt mistake isn't too much ripping!
hugs Karen

hetty said...

Very nice machine cover! Gotta make myself one of those. Hope your Emerald quilt is easy to fix. Sometimes I put things away, when I make a mistake, and then they stay away for months or years. Hope you can get back to yours soon.

Pamela Davis said...

Oh noooo! Lol, yep, know the pain of having to set aside a project. I think I have a number of them sitting, waiting for me to unpick or brain storm for the next step! I love the charm pack project; that is really lovely. Now, you are probably ready to return to the Emerald project!

big hugzzzzzzz

Pat from Florida and Michigan said...

Very nice, indeed.