Sunday, December 8, 2013


This weeks prompts:

RED:  Don't you just love poinsettias?

WHERE I STOOD:  Since being here, I have to get up early and take the dogs out in the morning.  There are no fenced back yards.  Sigh.......

SILVER:  Had to hunt around for this.

TINY: Grains of salt.

IN THE CUPBOARD:  Lots of glasses, all kinds of glasses in this beach house.

SHADOW:  Picture of taking a picture.

6 O'CLOCK:  At 6:00 we were all at the tree lighting ceremony in town.  It was lovely!

Have a good week and

Quilt happy,


Karen Mallory said...

Great piccies Marilyn! No doggies!!!!! LOL I remember when I visited Illinois that they had no fences either.
hugs Karen

hetty said...

I love poinsettias. I miss your pups.