Sunday, December 15, 2013


This week's prompts:

 I Shop Here:  This shopping center is within walking distance.  My granddaughters love how close I am to their favorite shopping center with all their favorite stores.

This is the Weather Today:  Warm but foggy

R is for:  Reindeer:  After all it tis the season.  And they are kinda cute.

Green:  My little fiber optics Christmas tree for my beach rental.  My only decoration.

Joy is:  My granddaughter celebrating her 18th birthday. 

Composition:  You knew I had to get one doggie picture in.

Drink:  I don't think I could cope without my morning drink of coffee.

Have a great weekend and

Quilt happy,


beth said...

Looks lovely Marilyn. So nice to be close to family!

hetty said...

Great shopping centre you go to. So nice to see green trees. We went shopping this morning and had to wade through 5 inches of snow. I love how you snuck that picture of Trudy in there. That's my favourite!

Pat from Florida and Michigan said...

What a wonderful time renting near them. Love it!