Thursday, February 27, 2014


Back again from a wonderful time at Vina de Lestonnac.  This is one of our beautiful views.
What fun way to spend time with such lovely ladies and chat it up, eat too much, and quilt-till-we-wilt. You always think you are going to get much more done that you actually do don't you?  None-the-less, I am happy with what I have here.

First up is a twin-sized quilt, Lattice Patch.  It's Robin Gallagher's pattern and you can find her pattern here.  It is one of her magical patterns that goes from this

to this.

I still need to find a border fabric.  Then I can at least get it into the "Need-to-Quilt Pile".

Next I did a wallet (this is the 9th one I've made).  And, a little bag that took me far too long to make.

So I came home with two more quilts cut out and ready to go for next time.  And my "Need-to-Quilt Pile" keeps growing.  Sigh....  But, I am a happy rested chappy; it's all worth it.  Have a good day and

Quilt happy,



Needled Mom said...

It looks and sounds like it was a wonderful time. I LOVE those blocks!

That bag is great too. I can see why it took so much time.

hetty said...

Glad you had a great time! That quilt looks fantastic. And even though the bag took a long time to make, it turned out fantastic. I have one of those cut out and haven't found the courage to put it together yet.