Thursday, April 24, 2014


I have a room waaay out back, behind my garage.  I used to use it for quilting.  But, I moved back inside for quilting some years ago.  And, little by little I just used the room for storage.  Oy!  It is a scary place now.  So dusty, I need to just get rid of most of it.  Obviously, I haven't missed anything.  That being  said I recently went out there in search of something and found more UFOs.  I'm sure there are even more out there in various stages.

I found this Blue and Yellow Star Swap from 2003, fortunately in a container.

And, these 42 courthouse steps, also in a covered container. They need to be made into something, maybe even two somethings.

This Log Cabin was a swap my friendship group put together years ago.  We all put in light and dark strips and traded these strips.  This was long before the precuts were around. It is special since there is a bit of each of us in this quilt top.  But, oh my, this was not in a container and was dusty,  I didn't know if I could salvage it.  So, I put it in the washer as is.  Oh yes I did.  Ran it on delicate and dried it outside in the air.  It turned out pretty good. I MUST quilt it next. 

I did finish (or nearly finish) the patriotic banner I have been making.  Just need to bind it and the binding it made.  This is replacing a banner that had been overused and got ruined by the weather. 

I hope you are enjoying your week.

Quilt happy,



hetty said...

Such beautiful projects. I hope you will get a chance to finish them. I am sure they would be appreciated by someone.

Barb said...

I am laughing, only because we just cleaned out someone's attic and out building....what a chore. I often think of the things I have collected over the years and think maybe I should start letting go or my sons will be left with a huge mess if you count my sewing room. Love your projects.

Needled Mom said...

It had to be scary washing that piece "as is". Glad it turned out so well

Karen Mallory said...

Holding out on us hey! Another room she says! LOL How much fabric was out there?
hugs Karen

Regina said...

So this really is a "way back" room! Always amazing what we find tucked away! The log cabin is gorgeous -glad it cleaned up ok for you.

Pamela Davis said...

Those are some great ufos! I am laughing because an outside storage unit is exactly what I need??? Lol!