Friday, April 11, 2014


I belong to three guilds:  Orange Grove Quilters Guild, in Garden Grove, California, Quilters by the Sea, in Long Beach, California, and Flying Needles Quilt Guild in Niceville, Florida.  This week I was able to attend both the one in Garden Grove and Long Beach.

Annie Smith was the guest lecturer at Orange Grove Quilters Guild.  You can find out more about this dynamic quilter and her wonderful use of color here.

Anelie Belden was Quilters by the Sea guest lecturer.  You may know her from her wonderful book Thoroughly Modern Dresden.  Visit her website here if you want to learn more about her wonderful approach to quilting.


I love the quilting community and all it provides, including knowledge, activities, and most important wonderful friends who get you!  If you haven't joined your local guild, look into it.  You may find it a very gratifying experience.

I hope you are enjoying your week.

Quilt happy,



Needled Mom said...

The guilds really do give a lot of inspiration. How fun to belong to more than one!

Karen Mallory said...

So much fun! Anelie was a speaker at one of my guilds too. I love the cover quilt on her book!
hugs Karen

Eefje K said...

You showed us some amazing quilts. I love the different use of the dresden template. What a quilt.