Sunday, April 13, 2014


This week's prompts:

TASTE OF SPRING - I love my artichokes.

WHERE I'D RATHER BE  - Sitting down to my Janome and sewing.

HOBBY - No surprises here.

DARK - One of my favorite restaurants.

MY FAVE PART OF THE DAY - My first cup of coffee with the Press. 

THREE OF A KIND - Out to dinner before guild with a couple of girl friends.  The local sports bar had a burger special this past Thursday, $2.49 for a cheeseburger and $1.99 for a regular burger.  And they were delicious!

ON MY LEFT - Just where Trudy wants to be whenever she can.

Have a great week and

Quilt happy,



Pamela Davis said...

Oooo! Yummmm! love cheeseburgers! As usual, your snaps are thought provoking. I really like your pictures. You've a beautiful Janome! enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a lovely week!
hugzzzzz for the journey!

Barb said...

I love your hobby!!! Wink!! Wink!!

hetty said...

Really? You love to quilt? I would never have known that! Great photos. The burgers are making me hungry.

Karen Mallory said...

We have been getting some fabulous artichokes! Love those Castroville arties!!
Glad to see the doggie made it in this week! LOL
hugs Karen

Needled Mom said...

I can relate to that first cup of coffee!! ;-)

Pamela Davis said...

Happy Thursday! I am just commenting to test that no reply thingy. Hoping it does work this time!