Monday, January 5, 2015


Did you think I had fallen off the face of the earth?  Naw!  Just a series of things that have kept me away. 
One is I drove (a friend helped me; thanks Pam) from California to Florida and I have been visiting with my family.   
Another reason is somehow my blog was compromised and I decided that it was a good time to give it a rest.  But,  my BFF (thanks Robin)  alerted me on how to fix it.  Seems it had happened to her at some time. 
I have heard from a few of you wondering what was up.  My grandson, Zach,  would point out that I shouldn't end a sentence with a preposition.  He's right of course; but, I'm not fixin' it.
You know I had great hopes of getting lots of sewing done while here.  I even brought my design wall and put it together.  But, I haven't done all that much after all (oh there I go again).  What's up with that?  I even quit doing my photo-a-day.  Time to get back to all of this.  So, here are my photos for the first week of 2015. 

Day 1 - SKY - This was taken in Panama City out a restaurant window.  Lovely view and lots of sky.

Day 2 - YELLOW - I have become addicted to hexies.  I am just going to make lots of flowers with black centers and then figure out what to do with them.
Day 3 - ME TODAY - Badly in need of a haircut.

Day 4 - I HEAR - Thunder and rain which happens a lot in this neck of the woods.

I sincerely hope your holidays have been some of the best you have ever had and that 2015 will bring you good health and happiness.

Quilt happy,



Annette Hughes said...

You're back! ♡♡♡

N said...

Good to see you back again...that's much better :) I always enjoy your photos and your writings...miss you...Hugs,Nancy <3

N said...

PS Love you hexies!

hetty said...

Good to see you back! Glad you figured out how to fix your blog. I really missed your photos and other interesting things. Love those hexies!

Needled Mom said...

It's so nice to see a post from you. CA to FL is quite a trek. I'm so glad you are able to visit with family.

Karen said...

Umm...yah, some of us were a bit concerned (!); glad to hear that all is well.
Wishing you, Trudie, and Gracie a wonderful 2015.

Pamela Davis said...

Yay!!!!🙌 It's good to see you're back! I've missed your wonderful pictures; as usual, you've taken another beautiful shot. I love it! You are looking gorgeous! You're having too much fun to sit and sew; those hexies are sweet and will make a great flower quilt. Anyhoo, enjoy your day☺ It's snowing here!

beth s said...

Sounds like you're having fun! So nice to be with family. ;)

Barb said...

I hope you had an amazing holiday season as well...loved the pictures

Karen Mallory said...

wish I could fix my blog. I am thinking on delelting it as I still can't get pictures to download.
Love the piccies as usual! :)
hugs Karen