Thursday, January 8, 2015


Have you started your year with commitments:  Sewing commitments that is?  You know those Block of the Months AKA BOMs, on-line swaps, friendship group swaps.  How about all of them, like I have done.  Oh yes I have.  Seriously. 

I joined the Hexie Blog's BOM.  I couldn't resist after getting hooked on making the little darlings (thanks Melinda).  You can read about this year's BOM here.  Here is mine done in 1" hexies (I will also be doing one in 3/4").  I have decided not to appliqué it down to anything until after I see what next month's block will be. 

I am also doing an on-line swap with a group of wonderful gals.  It is called the "ATW Swap".   It stands for Around The World, which is where the blocks will be headed.  We are supposed to pick and make a 9" block that represents us in some way.  Each person sends to the list members a fat eighth piece of fabric for you to incorporate into their block and return the finished block back to that person.  So at the end you will receive a variety of blocks that have a common piece of fabric tying it all together.  The block I'm making and sending out something like this one.

I also belong to a friendship group that meets once a month (we call ourselves Talking Threads or TTs), and we are making birthday blocks.  So the meeting during your birthday month you will receive from each member,  a block that you chose (either by pattern or theme).  I chose "What's In My Garden" .  It can be anything from flowers to critters, any size, any style.  I'm easy, and I can't wait to see what people come up with.

My friendship group of at least 11 years (we meet every Wednesday and call ourselves the Wednesday Wackos) is also doing a BOM. We have each made a block of our choice and will be passing it on to each other (you can send fabric if you wish) to make a block that goes with it.  A few have picked out a particular pattern, while others have picked a theme:  fall, Christmas, get the idea  At the end of the year,  the blocks  will be returned to the owner for assembly.  I chose a 12" finished block using Australian fabrics.  Here is my block that will be passed from person to person:

I hope you are enjoying your week and
Quilt happy,



Melinda said...

I just finished the last 2014 hexie BOM and am ready to start on 2015. I think I will do the 3/4" hexies.

hetty said...

Oh, Marilyn, you are going to be busy - seriously! Love your hexie block! Great colours!

Karen Mallory said...

Those are tiny hexies!!! You have a lot to keep you busy.
I only have to do two challenges by Feb and March!!
hugs Karen

Karen said...

Those hexies are so tiny, but so sweet! This year I am trying to avoid getting myself tied to too many projects - but you've jumped in with both feet!

Needled Mom said...

Those hexies are arranged so beautifully. I'll look forward to following this one. It sounds like you are in for a good sewing year.

Barb said...

I think those little hexies are the cutest things....

Pamela Davis said...

The "hex" project is gorgeous! love it! love it all!


Cloudy Stitches said...

You will definitely be keeping busy Marilyn xxx Amanda