Saturday, June 20, 2015


It is finished, completed, done including the label. 

Of course this has taken me a very long time to get from beginning to end. Largely because there is so much sewing to be done. I started this at the Riley Blake Fabric Fest that was held in Las Vegas, Nevada back in September of 2013.  (Wish they'd do another one; it was very fun). Jenny Doan, of Missouri Star Quilt Co., taught the Summer in the Park class using a 2.5" Rollie Pollie.  

Sue Salinger quilted it for me. She did a fabulous job. Thanks Sue! Here's a close up of the quilting. 

Hope your week has been going good and

Quilt happy,



Karen Mallory said...

Fabulous quilt and kudos for finishing!!! I have kind of ignored my quilts of late! :)
hugs Karen

Needled Mom said...

That looks beautiful. I'd go to Vegas for that....sounds like fun!

Karen said...

It's lovely, Marilyn, you must be so pleased. Doesn't a finish feel great? There is so much satisfaction when those final binding stitches go in place. Congrats!

Heather said...

Oh I remember being so envious that you were going there. A beautiful quilt Marilyn.

hetty said...

Congratulations on a wonderful finish! It looks fantastic.