Sunday, June 7, 2015

This week's photo prompts include:  Many; Looking Up; Silly; Starts with B; Looking Down; Who I Am; Forgotten.

"MANY" I collect thread; I have many, many spools of threads.  Here are just a few.

"LOOKING UP"  Sweet Trudy, looking up at me.

"SILLY"  My fur babies being silly.

"STARTS WITH B"  Bedtime.  Awww..........

"LOOKING DOWN"  I could have driven over to Signal Hill and taken a picture down a hill.  Or, I could have climbed on a ladder and found something, maybe.  However, based on my track record, I really have no business on a ladder.  So, I decided that "Looking Up" could also be "Looking Down".

"WHO I AM"  Someone who sews and makes quilts.  This one is going to go live in Florida when it's done.

"FORGOTTEN" I had forgotten all about these Row by Row patterns that many of the quilt shops had last year. This is one of my favorites. I understand they are going to have them again starting on June 21st.
Have a great week and I hope you

Quilt happy,



hetty said...

Great pics! Love your furry family shots! And your hexagon quilt looks fantastic.

Karen Mallory said...

Great piccies!!! Good to see the doggies made it in this week! :)

Karen said...

Always enjoy seeing Trudy and Gracie; loved seeing your thread stash!

Needled Mom said...

I'm glad to hear the Row by Rows are coming back this year.
Your Florida quilt is looking beautiful.