Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's July

It's July.................that means I can now open my Christmas in July from Diana in Oz. Ooohhh, I am a lucky girl alright. Just look at my stash. That fabric is dyed with the red soil from the town in Australia where Diana was born. (Where is that Diana?) It is gorgeous. Several projects jump into my mind right away. Thank you so much Diana; what a fun 1st of July.
Oh, it is Canada Day, right? Happy Canada Day.


Khris said...

Excellent stash there girls...well done..hugs Khris
p.s. I can see something prim coming on hey.

Beeshebags said...

Hi Marilyn, you look like you got a great stash the little kangaroo....has he got a cork hat on? You know why they have corks on their hats over here? It's to keep the flies out ya face...but I think the roo would be safe if he didn't wear one! lol Hugs Naomi