Friday, October 9, 2009

Quilter's By the Sea

Last night was our local quilt guild meeting in Long Beach . We were most fortunate to have Velda Newman

as our guest speaker. And just look at these quilts. She is amazing. Her work, her art, is a combination of piecing, painting, bleaching, and quilting, some by hand and some by machine. She first shared her journey with a slide show. As you can see, her pieces are very large and the slide show worked very well in this instance. Then she shared four of her quilts so we could view them up close and personal. Special thanks go to Susan Contreras, our Programs Chair, for bringing Velda to our guild so we could all witness this exceptional talent.


creativedawn said...

I saw her demonstrate how to make a quilt like the bottom quilt on Alex Anderson Show (HGTV)She is so free-wheeling with her technique. Wow, you are so blessed to meet and learn from so many talented artist. I wonder if you've met Norah McMeeking or Deb Karasik? Both quilters/authors and traveling teachers. Beautiful! Your blog colors are the green! LOL

beth said...

thanks for the pics. I was unable to stay until the end. She was Great though!

Melissa said...

Those quilts are absolutely amazing! Honestly, how can anyone be so talented!

Karen Mallory said...

Wow! Velda Newman! Lucky you Marilyn! She is very talented.
hugs Karen