Friday, March 12, 2010


Remember when I told you about the sugar snap peas? And how I got them from Beachgreens? Here is how it goes. Every other Friday I get this bin delivered to my door. It is like receiving an unknown gift each time. I never know what will be inside except that it will be organic fruits and vegetables, all locally grown and seasonal. Love it! There are several options with Beachgreens. I take the mostly vegetable studio bin. This is what the bin looks like. And then I open it and see this.

Isn't it gorgeous?

Thanks Aliye for all your great bins!



Sharon-NZ said...

Looks so fresh and just picked apart from those artchichokey thingies LOL

Jan said...

This is so cool. New since we lived there. Lucky you.

Khris said...

Lovely, fresh and delicious....hugs Khris

Melissa said...

Oh, I would love to have a service like that! The perfect excuse to try new things, too!

Karen Mallory said...

They look so beautiful! Sounds like a great way to get veggies. I get some of mine that way but since hubby just picked them I have to wash them off! LOL
hugs Karen