Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hoover Dam Bypass Project

Have you driven by the new Hoover Dam Bypass Project lately? They started this project in January, 2005 with the expected completion date of Late 2010. It is to be a 2,000 foot-long bridge, 900 feet above the Colorado River. On my recent trip to Arizona, I was able to snap these photos from the car.

It really is a marvel.


Melissa said...

Did you eat a buffalo burger at the diner? When we were out there they were just beginning to blast for that new bridge. It is so high!

Karen Mallory said...

It's really high! Not looking good for the 2010 completion unless the workers are a lot faster than the ones around here!
hugs Karen

Pamela O said...

Beautiful! My uncle Gleason Coen had a HUGE part in building the Hoover Bridge. You'll find his name in the history books