Tuesday, June 15, 2010


SHARON - NZ. The Random Number Generator picked Sharon Hume of New Zealand. ( Material Magic by Shar ). Now, what are you going to make with this Sharon? Start looking for it in about a week or so. Congratulations!

I really enjoyed this experience. I have received some wonderful comments and I hope to hear more from you all. Think I will have to have another one much sooner than the next 100 posts or two-year anniversay.

Happy quilting!



Diana said...

Oh that is so fabulous, will be a lovely surprise for her and will cheer her up enormously with having to work so much lately, woo hoo, way to go Sharon.

Lois said...

Great win for Sharon... really happy for her and thanks for the chance of winning Marilyn.

ledamewood said...

Congratulations Sharon. I hope you make something wonderful that will make your heart sing.

Becky said...

Congrats to Sharon! Enjoy your new fabric! Thanks, Marilyn for hosting the give-away! Take care!

Beeshebags said...

WOO HOO You go girl....Aunty Sharon will be soooo happy to have won this Marilyn. Thanks for hosting the giveaway....I'm having another one soon....Khris and I were discussing it on the weekend. Congrat's to Aunty Sharon on her win, and congrat's again on the 100 posts. Hugs Naomi

creativedawn said...

Yes, it's great win for Sharon...congratulations! and at the "right" time as well!!! Good job Marilyn.