Sunday, May 6, 2012


Visiting the animal shelter is “Something That Makes Me Sad”.  I should probably stay away; but, I think instead I may volunteer in some way.  Maybe just holding and loving on those still looking for their permanent home.

 Look at this cheerful “Peace” fabric I found at Joann’s.
This denim shirt jacket is “Something I Wore Today”.  I picked it up at the Road to California quilt show this year.  Love that show.

 Sewing is always “Fun” for me.

I always called this “Bird” a sparrow; my husband always called it a chickadee.  I really don’t know its name. 

 Here is his mate.

The word was “Me”.  Here me am.

Quilt happy,



Michele said...

I think they're sparrows. Chickadees have a really distinctive black-and-white striped head.

SewCal Gal said...

Cute post Marilyn. Do we have Chickadees in So. Cal?

I too have thought about volunteering at the Humane Society. A bit fearful I'll bring them all home, so I have helped to make Kennel Comforters for those living in the shelter....but someday I too think I'll officially volunteer. I think I'd be a good dog walker.


hetty said...

Seeing pets in cages makes me sad too. I love your peace fabric. I think I bought some very similar to that last week. But I think mine has a blue background.

creativedawn said...

Oh Marilyn...
YOU are such a sweetheart and yes, those furr folks will benefit greatly for your presence...I am sure. But, what will your babies say when they smell all the other babies on you? Lol...just a thought. I'm still reading your blog and following along. Sewing and crafting is slow here, but still going on! I'll something to show soon...

Stay quilt happy...
love and hugz