Sunday, May 20, 2012


The word given was “Grass”. Oops, there she is again.

This fabric just shouts “Love”.  And, I love it.  I made a cute quilt for my granddaughter, Noelle, out of it.  I think she loves it too.

“What I’m Reading” is the morning paper. A penguin exhibit opened at our aquarium this week.

Do you have a Trader Joe’s close by?  Have you discovered Cookie Butter?  Sadly, it makes a darn good “Snack”.  Oh, and those Cinnamon Grahams are also pretty good.
And, together. . . .

Originally, I thought about dragging out some quilts for “Something I made”.  Before my quilting days, I took watercolor.  This hangs in my quilt room.  So, it all works.

My quilt room is “A Favorite Place” of mine.  Unfortunately, nothing is getting done lately. 

“Something I don’t want to do without”   ‘nough said.

Quilt happy,


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hetty said...

Love your photos! I especially like your watercolour painting! I took watercolour lessons too before I took up quilting.