Thursday, May 17, 2012


My quilt guild, Quilters by the Sea, had a fund raiser at last week’s meeting.  It was a ginormous raffle.  Yes, ginormous.  We were asked to do a bit of spring cleaning in our quilt rooms and donate items for a raffle.    Then we bought raffle tickets (3 for $1) and deposited them in corresponding bags next to the items.  I won this great recycled basket.  I love it.

Remember that tomato and parsley I mentioned a while back?  The produce the birds planted? Next to the garbage can?   It keeps growing and growing and growing.  I just throw a bucket of water on it each day.

See this naughty dog?

Now look at that naughty squirrel.  That squirrel just sits on that line and torments Trudy.  

The scene reminds me of the movie UP.  Wishing you a fun weekend.

Quilt happy,



Michele said...

Ooooohhhh...all those beautiful wooden spools. And an old sewing book! You scored big!!!

hetty said...

Nice basket of stuff! I love the photo of Trudy looking at the squirrel. Besides being pests, I consider squirrels a sort of live television for my cats.

Susan said...

What a fun basket to win! Oh the squirrels we have in our neighborhoods - I hear them tormenting our neighbor's dogs too. Love your volunteer vegetables - can you tell what kind of tomato you have yet? Can you believe what a beautiful day it is today (saturday)? :)

Karen said...

I'd love to have that basket of goodies - a real treasure chest you got, with those wooden spools. I love the tiny sewing machine too. You were lucky!