Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I was in Florida last week, having a fabulous time with my daughter and four of the grands.  My son-in-law is overseas. We had mostly hot, sunny days.  However, here is a picture of “weather” that is always welcome.

The word was “My Personality”.  I thought about it for some time until the obvious occurred to me. 

  Here is "Something Beautiful".
“Morning” looks much the same for me here, there, everywhere.

And then “Empty”. . . . 

A “Close-Up” of eating some yummy hot wings.

We spent Sunday first in Seaside with three of the Grands.

Lauren couldn’t make it.  L

And Sunday dinner on the Bayou in Niceville.  Isn’t is gorgeous?

Quilt happy,


hetty said...

Great photos! I love the 'something beautiful'. You have a gorgeous family. And dinner on the Bayou is beautiful too.

Pat from Florida said...

Super pics! Love FL!

Karen Mallory said...

Your pictures are great Marilyn!Love the one of your grands and the one with smeared sauce on the face. Glad you had a great vacation!
hugs Karen

frantastic said...

Looks like a wonderful vaction!