Sunday, June 24, 2012


“Something You Don’t Know about Me” is that I had pink hair when I was twenty.

I love Trader Joe’s produce.  As “Imperfect” as much of it is, I know these two tomatoes are fresh and locally grown. 

The “Favorite Photo I’ve EverTaken” is almost impossible to select.  In fact, it is impossible.  I probably don’t even still have my favorite.  But, I really like this one of Trudy.

This is “Where I Slept”.

Here is my Gracie “From a High Angle”.  She’s such a sweetie.

My ceiling fan in “Movement” is my friend -- a good friend these days.

 “On My Mind” today is getting this done!

Quilt happy,



creativedawn said...

LOL! love the pink hair. Trader Joe's is the best farmer's market around here. Ours is 30 miles away, but I still manage to get there, but not as often as I like. Always great fresh veggies and fruits! Have a great day. I've been listening to music for the past six hours!

Barb said...

Enjoyed your pictures and the pink hair!!! hummm

hetty said...

Love those photos! Pink hair? Was that in style when you were 20?

Frances Moore said...

Oh Marilyn.I can see the hair with a poodle skirt. So you!