Friday, July 13, 2012


Yesterday my swap friend, Dara, received her package and I opened mine.  Thank you for such a wonderful package.  I love everything.  Just look at the goodies.

F - Fat quarters in Orange. Yum! And an FOD (Foreign Object Debris).

R - Red Strawberry, a mug Rug and Rick Rack

I - Insulated lunch tote and the Iron-on labels

E - Egyptian cotton spray.

N – Needles, Piecemakers' appliqué needles and sewing machine needles

D - Dish rags. Hand knit I might add.

S - Silk pins

Thank you, Dara, for being such a great swap partner.

And for the more.  Yesterday it rained here and it is raining again this morning.  That shouldn't be unusual except I live in Southern California and everyone knows it never rains in Southern California.  Well, never in July at least.  When I was a child and my mother would get frustrated over something, her standard line was "It will be a rainly day in July before I do that again".  Mom, it's a rainy day in July! 

Quilt happy,



Jan said...

What a great swap. This weather is killin' me. This is CA in July!! It's just wrong.

The English Ladies! said...

Glad you like all of your goodies! It is sprinkling here every now and then. It’s just enough to get my car dirty. But I just love Southern California!!!

Khristina aka Khris said...

We are having rainy days in July too in what is supposed to be sunny to see you girls have both got your swap goodies. Well done to you both...hugs Khris

Needled Mom said...

Isn't this the strangest weather for us? We did not get as much rain as you guys did.

Your swap is fantastic.

hetty said...

Great swap! Lots of nice goodies. Could you send some of that rain up our way? We haven't had any rain in a long time. Our lawn is brown and the leaves on the trees are curling and turning brown too. Also it is hot! For us anyway. I have to water my vegetable garden every day.

Karen Mallory said...

What wonderful swap presents. I have to wrap mine this weekend.
Well it certainly isn't raining here in Northern California. July rain there is rare but weather is confusing all over the world these days!
hugs karen

Anonymous said...

what gorgeous parcels you received,very nice,lovely swap ladies.xx