Sunday, July 22, 2012


Everyone has some kind of addiction and “My Addiction” is fabric:  pre-cut fabric.  This is only a small sampling.  I would have to dig in all sorts of places to put it all together.

The prompt is “Plate”.  I think this is a perfect plate.

My brother has several pets.  This is the “Pet” cat, Nick.  Nick looks so innocent doesn’t he?  Don’t be fooled.  He brings live animals into the house.

These “Eyes” belong to Patches.  He is innocent.

“9:00 O’clock” in Kingman, Arizona.  It was an overcast day, monsoon on the way.

My newest quilt top right side up.

And “Upside Down”.

Hope you had a good week.

Quilt happy,



hetty said...

Great pics, as always. Your quilt looks wonderful, up or down. I have the same addiction you have. Only mine is not so neat and tidy.

Barb said...

Enjoyed your the precuts!

Susan said...

Loved the right side up and upside down shots...made me giggle. Hope you are having a lovely visit in AZ. :)

Michele said...

Yes, I share your addiction to precuts! They are difficult to cut into! And live animals you say? Wow! That must certainly be exciting!