Sunday, July 15, 2012


Do you have a favorite color? This is my “Favorite Color”.

 The word is “Letter”.  This is a perfectly fine letter.

 Isn’t “Texture” in fabric a great addition to a quilt?

     There is nothing like being able to leave the doors “Open” on a summer day.

Here are the “Building” blocks to a quilt that is either an UFO or a WIP.  I think it's an UFO.

And, for a summer evening dinner -- “Finger” food is just about the perfect meal.

Hope you had a good week.

Quilt happy,


Karen said...

I enjoy your Sunday Snaps so much Marilyn, and love the creative thinking put into your interpretations. Your "favourite colour" brought a big smile on this end. Happy Sunday.

Susan said...

Love that your favorite colors are all of them. :)
Ooooo, love the detail on your front door!
Your summer meal of finger foods looks delish - a picnic perhaps? :)

Pat from Florida said...

That's my favorite color too!!!

hetty said...

Love your pics! Funny thing, that's my favourite colour too.