Friday, July 6, 2012


Yesterday I didn’t get around to getting my mail until about midnight.  I know, what’s up with that?  It happens sometime.  And, I have one of those porch lights that lights up the entire neighborhood when motion is detected.  So, you know what happened, right?  Right.  Not a pretty picture. There, leaning against the door, were these two packages to take the sting away. 

One was from Andee over at The Modern Diary.  I won a giveaway she held.  Thank you Andee for such a wonderful prize. 

Isn’t it great?  I’m still ogling and awing over it. 

The other package is from Dara over at Dara English.  We are in a Friendship Swap that Khristina from Sew Prim Khris put together.  Dara is the more organized of the two us.  I’m still finishing up her package.  Sorry Dara.  I promise to hold off opening it until you have your package. 

It is going to sit on my side table and stare at me for a few more days.  Sigh……………  OK, off to ogle and aww some more.

Quilt happy,



The English Ladies! said...

Glad it made it! But you don't have to wait, just rip them open. Thanks for being my swap friend!

Needled Mom said...

What fun to anticipate the contents?

Karen Mallory said...

Nice haul Marilyn!! I haven't finished with my partner's stuff either. I was sewing on it today!! She hasn't finished with mine either. Your partner sure is quick!!
hugs Karen

Karen said...

Awesome haul of goodies you got! I admire your restraint in not opening those packages; did you even take a little peek?

Susan said...

Did you wake all of the neighbor's up? Yea for the mail! Wow you did receive some fun things in that package and I also admire your restraint. :)

hetty said...

Oh, nice! Getting parcels in the mail is the best.

Andee said...

Glad you like your goodies! Thanks for being a frequent blog visitor!