Thursday, August 9, 2012


I promised a few people that I would take pictures at the International Quilt Festival, Long Beach that was July 27 thru July 29, 2012.  Turns out I didn’t get too many and I was there two days.  But, many had signs reading “No Photography” and I get caught up in looking and forget to get the picture.  But, I do have a few.

This is Karen Neary's gorgeous quilt, "Farrago".  Karen lives in Canada and it is part of the O Canada exhibit. 

I really liked this snippet quilt, "Florishes", by Pat Kroth.  You just have to admire all the tiny pieces that went into it.  I found myself stepping back and forward to get the entire feeling of her dream garden.  Lovely.


 This one is called "Road to Home", by Cheryl Sleboda.  Isn’t it inviting?

 There was an entire section of Black and White quilts.  Most of them had a touch of color.  I was very drawn to this one named “The Red Shoes”, by Linda Stone.

My last photos are of one of the Hoffman Challenge quilts.  It just put a smile on my face.  It is called “Kiku”, by Heather Miles.  A great way to showcase the fabric. 

It was a great show, as usual, with so many wonderful quilts. Well done quilters!

Quilt happy,




hetty said...

I forgot to take pictures at the quilt show I went to last week too. I took a few, but for the most part I didn't. The ones you did take are great. Thanks for sharing. I love Kiku!

Karen said...

You are soooooo sweet to take those pictures for me. It really means a lot Marilyn, and I appreciate your willingness to do that. I also envy you living so close to such a show!

Z Any Mouse said...

What a great show with beautiful quilts. I spent two days there, but wished for more time. Next year I'll get the full weekend pass if time allows. The pictures you posted were some of my favorites as well : )