Sunday, August 26, 2012


The first picture this week is of“Today”.  As luck would have it I was watching the “Today” show.

It has cooled down a bit; but, the first part of the week we were still finding ways to stay “Cool”.
This is still my go-to cookbook when I need just a simple “Home” cooked meal.


How about a “Pair” of pears?  My green salad tasted extra special that night.

Just a little “Path”  to a part of my world.

I so enjoy the “Fresh” fruits and vegetables of summer.

I have so many quilts that need to be quilted.  I even found some more since taking this picture.  I can only “Dream” about getting them done by the end of the year.  Maybe the quilting elves will visit me while I’m dreaming about them in my sleep. 

Hope you had a good week. 

Quilt happy,



hetty said...

Great pics! I love 'fresh'. Nothing like summer to provide us with fresh fruits and vegetables. I see you are waiting for the quilt elves too. I have a whole pile of flimsies in my cupboard too! I need a little push. Want to see if we can finish at least one or two a month or so?

Karen Mallory said...

I love your pics! My FIL just gave us a bag of pears off his tree. Veggies are so colorful in the summer. Here's crossing my fingers that those quilt fairies visit you while you are asleep! :)
hugs Karen

Barb said... your stack of quilts to be quilted...least ways the tops are done!!