Monday, August 6, 2012


Back in April I picked up this great fabric at a local quilt shop at Sewing Party in Laguna Hills.  It was the perfect fabric for my step daughter Janet.  You see she is a serious bicyclist.  I asked her if she might like a messenger bag.  Then I remembered that I love bags, I just don’t like making them.  As it got closer to her birthday, I realized she probably wouldn’t get it.  But, then I remembered Pam over at Versana.  She loves making bags. And, she is good at it.  I commissioned her to make this one for Janet.  Just look at what she came up with.

I know.  It is really perfect.  She did an excellent job.  Inside zippered pocket, another pocket large enough to fit her iPad when traveling.  It is so worth it when you find the right person to do the job, don’t you think?  Janet really, really likes it and wears it well. 

 Look how her iPad fits in the specially made pocket. 

So, if you think you may want to hire Pam to make the perfect bag for you, go visit her here.  Or just visit her blog.

Quilt happy,



Khristina aka Khris said...


creativedawn said...

Thanks was a joy to see that smile on her face. I am ecstatic!!!

LeKaQuilt said...

What a greate gift! I love the purple fabric!

hetty said...

What a wonderful bag! Love the fabric. Those bicycles are perfect.

Pat from Florida said...

Well how clever are you, to know to get the right person for the right project??? Love that fabric!!! Super bag.

Karen Mallory said...

Wow! Pam did a fabulous job and Janet looks very pleased!!
hugs Karen