Sunday, November 4, 2012


This week is a completely random group of snaps. “Moon”


Next is the word “Clothes”.  I think my closet is bit boring; but, there you go.


This is “Whatever I Please”. It's my BFF's cat Lucy.  She was simply glowing in the warm sunshine. 


At a friend’s birthday dinner celebration, the restaurant brought over a chocolate cupcake with a candle.  Perfect subject for “Starts with C” .


I went to a nice quilt show.  Just look at some of the “Color” and talent. 


“Breakfast”:  nothing much to say about this except that I really love baked eggs.


Do any of you watch Shark Tank on“TV”?   I find it interesting and DVR it to watch while sewing.


Quilt happy,



hetty said...

Great photos as always, Marilyn! I love that cupcake - so pretty. Never heard of Shark Tank. Guess we don't get it here.

Barb said...

enjoyed the snaps!

Pat from Florida said...

So fun to get these little snapshots of your life. Thanks.

creativedawn said...

Ha! I especially liked the glowing cat! That is really a neat pic. Lovely quilt shows. Mmmm yum cupcakes. I should make some...heeheehee