Sunday, November 11, 2012


More random snaps again today.

Daylight saving time has ended and “5 o’clock” looks like this, at least right now.  Soon it will be completely dark by 5:00 PM.

 A Favorite Thing” of mine, in my quilting room, is this LED light that I picked up at Ikea for less than $15. 

This Reflection” shows a peek at one of my favorite quilts.  It's there, barely, but it's there.  It is the only one I have hanging.

“Something I do Everyday” could be soooo many things.  But, this is almost the first thing I do every day:  drink my Yacult.
“Something I Can’t or Won’t Live Without”  is all the great workshops our quilt guild holds and the wonderful women there.  Group hugs.

This is just an interesting “Night”  snap.

My two “Small”, dogs waiting to be fed.  Another thing I do every day, at 5 o’clock; something I won’t live without; who are some my favorite things (dogs aren’t really things), and I suppose a reflection of me.  Trudy doesn't like to sit on the hard, cold floor.

Quilt happy,


hetty said...

Love your shots! Especially the 5 o'clock one. We had such a dark day yesterday it was already dark at 3:00pm. Got to wait until the end of the year before the days start getting longer again. I love Trudy too! Smart dog. Sitting on a cold floor will give you piles.

Barb said...

enjoyed your random snaps!