Sunday, May 11, 2014


This week's prompts:

US - My girls, Trudy, Gracie, and I.

4:00 PM - It about getting margaritas and guacamole ready for Cinco de Mayo.

FROM DOWN LOW - My poor little garden angel is hanging on.  I guess I had better rescue her before she falls.

TAKEN FROM ABOVE - I never found myself up high (and I don't climb on things these days) so just a snap of me from above.  I guess it's called a selfie.

BLUE -. Blue just doesn't seem to be my color, not that I don't like blue, I just don't have much blue.  When I spotted this piece of pottery I decided it was my blue for the prompt. I painted this while visiting my daughter when she lived in Japan.  It was an interesting process in that you had no idea what you were actually doing until it came back after being washed with something and kilned.  But, I like it none-the-less.

FAVORITE - Oh how I love a good burger.  This one is from Tucker Duke's in Valpariso, Florida which is next to Niceville, which is next to Destin.  It's a dang good burger.

IN THE GARDEN - My avocados are just teeny tiny right now.  I love this tree. 

Have a great week and

Quilt happy,


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hetty said...

Great avocado tree. Wish we could grow them in our climate. The 'Us' photo is so cute. Love your puppies. And the blue creation is fantastic.