Friday, April 20, 2012


The charity quilt is finally finished and in the stack to go to next month's guild meeting.

I almost always pick out a busy backing (you can see less errors that way); but, this was already put together for quilting.  Someone had made the backing to fit and even had the binding put together and pressed.  What a great way to get help from members.  It was so easy to just layer and quilt.  The backing they put together for this quilt is plain. I sucked it up and in the end it turned out just fine.

I have a friend, Jenny Hall, visiting me from New Zealand.  Yesterday we went to the Bower's Museum in Santa Ana. A Schindler's List survivor, Laura Hillman, was the guest lecturer.  We were very inspired by her strength of character.  
We had a lovely dinner out with Robin. Sorry, no pictures.
This morning we drove downtown to the Friday Farmer's Market and picked up some vegetables for tonight's dinner.  Then we came home and made five Click-It Bags from Robin's pattern
Jenny has plans for these. Aren't they cute? 

Quilt happy,


Khris said...

Sounds like a few fantastic days together...and how cool to get to do some sewing together...hugs Khris

Karen Mallory said...

Glad you and Jenny are having fun together! Sure wish I could be there!
hugs Karen

hetty said...

Sounds like fun! The quilt turned out wonderful. And those bags. How cute are those!