Monday, January 23, 2017


This week was Road to California. Road is just always a fun time. Usually my friends and I take one or two classes. But, this year we decided not to, and instead just went to the show. Of course, as usual I never pulled out my camera. So, I pinched this one from my friend, Sue’s, Facebook page.
Isn’t it a great picture? This was taken on Friday, a no-rain day during this stormy time frame.  But, today was a different story. It rained almost non-stop all day.

It was like a small lake out front. In fact, there was some kids in a small boat at the end of the block.

But, back to Road. Here is the loot I picked up at the show.

Those rubber banded bundles are cork fabric. It’s quite new and from Portugal. The pattern is for a small wallet. We saw it made up using the cork fabric.

This is the UFO picked to be finished by our March guild meeting. It is called "Rock the Block", by Joe Cunningham. A very free form way of making it. No real pattern. My friend Sue and I took it at a class in Palm Springs last summer.
I will say, because of this weather, I am getting a lot done on it this weekend

I hope you have a good week and

Quilt happy,


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Karen said...

Cork fabric?! I hope you show off what you make with it!