Sunday, January 8, 2017


I decided to bring Sunday Snaps back. I missed having that other creative thinking side to use each day. I’ll try to tell you how I decided upon each snap if possible or fitting.

Day 1:  My Fave Color
I really like most colors. But, I decided to go with the 2017 Pantone color of the year, Greenery.

Day 2:  Delicious
I find a yogurt parfait made with plain Greek yoghurt and homemade granola just so delicious. It's really that simple.

Day 3:  Circle
This placemat with circle upon circle upon circle was perfect for the prompt "circle".

Day 4:  Animal
Just had to be my Trudy who is almost always attached to me.

Day 5:  A Fave Thing
My favorite thing was between sewing or my machine to sew with. The sewing machine won.

Day 6:  Me
'nough said...

Day 7:  Time
Time times three to keep tract of all the kiddos current time.

I have always enjoyed playing with my Sunday Snaps. I follow FatMum Slim’s Photo-A-Day. Each month she publishes a month of daily prompts. On Instagram she is #fmspad. I also hope you enjoy them.



Karen said...

Oh, I am glad you are doing these again, Marilyn - I've always enjoyed seeing your interpretations of the prompts. Having clocks for each time zone is fabulous,

Needled Mom said...

I like the idea of the three clocks! Great idea.