Friday, March 8, 2013


Can you tell what it is?

Yes.  It’s a dog bed.  One side of the pillow is for when it’s warm, and the other side, the fleece side, is for those colder days. 

Robin was over on Monday and we consulted over this a bit and her final advice was to go buy one.  She was right you know.  But, then again I’m very stubborn.  I really thought perhaps the dogs wouldn’t mind just a pillow.  But, nooooooooooooo.  For the bolster I used a package of high-loft polyester batting.  Rolled and tied it.  Then I needed to figure out how to make the ends look right.  I finally had to go to Joann’s for some piping.  Oh, sure I could have made my own, but really enough is enough.

Once I got it together, and threw it on the floor (not even completely put together properly) Gracie jumped in it and has claimed it as hers. 

There is room for both dogs; but, she will not let Trudy near it.  Siblings. 

It makes a good dog bed for the quilt room.  Oh, there are two beds in there.  Trudy is not left out completely. 
I hope you have a good weekend and

Quilt happy,



hetty said...

Cute! I am sure Gracie is thankful for your stubbornness. She looks so comfortable.

Barb said...

Now that is inventive and they look like they are in heaven....snoring away.

creativedawn said...

Fabulous!!! Marilyn... I just love it! Can you make a really large one ... that looks awful comfy!


Karen Mallory said...

Guess we don't need to say anything since the dog has already approved it! LOL
hugs Karen

Melinda said...

I vote with Robin. It is beautiful though and Gracie seems to love it.

Khristina aka Khris said...

OMG you know you have to make another one now....Trudy HAS TO HAVE ONE TOO!!! LOL....hugs Khris

Pat from Florida said...

How special! Spoiled dogs. Mine have to make do with store bought! But they do have a couple flocatta rugs they have claimed.

corina said...

Great project! Isn't it wonderful when our efforts are rewarded with much appreciation!